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Kofax Ascent Capture

Kofax Ascent Capture is the fundamental system platform that allows the paper and electronic documents capture, their identification (full text and form processing), the data entry (maybe double), the quality control and the images and data release toward Docushare.

Most of scanning websites are designed for the document capture (image indexing and storage) or for data acquisition (data extraction from modules). The differences between these two operations are many.

The blending of documents and data capture into one single tool is the natural evolution of production acquisition. The result is a product easier to understand and to use, especially for those people who work with modules and documents into the same department or company. Thanks to the fusion of these two components in one single tool, today you can use only one application to get a wide range of acquisition systems that, in past, would have required two or more softwares.

Ascent Capture is an acquisition application batch processing oriented, designed to process from 1,000 to 100,000 or more pages per day at high production rate and low costs. Ascent Capture integrates the following functions in one single application:

Documents Capture: Groups managing, quality control and new scanning integrated, ability to manually index from images and highly integrated support for most of the workflow systems and content managing packages.

Data capture: Automatic modules identification, pages registration, OCR, ICR, OMR, barcodes identification, images cleaning, validation and scripting for searches.

Customization: Ascent Capture can be customized to satisfy the high traffic websites’ needs. You can add new modules through the new XML Backbone of Ascent Capture 6.
The user interface is editable through a well documented COM interface. The scripting functionality is available in both validation and identifcation modules, whereas the import/export functions can be customized through Visual Basic.