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AIDA – A.I. for Document Automation

Artificial Intelligence for Document Automation is the platform that allows the acquisition of paper and electronic documents, their recognition (full text and form processing), data entry (possibly double), WorkFlow in the pre-acquisition & post-acquisition phase and the release of images and data both to people and to ECM & ERP platforms.

Most scanning sites are designed for document acquisition (indexing and image archiving) or for data acquisition (data extrapolation from modules). The differences between the two operations are far-reaching.

Artificial intelligence (AI) in the merger of document and data acquisition into a single product is the natural evolution of the acquisition of documents that becomes accessible to everyone. The result is a product that is easier to use from the first scan or photo of Smartphone, both for the individual professional and for users who work with modules and documents within the same department of large companies.
The inclusion of Artificial Intelligence in document recognition makes it possible today to definitively reduce the costs of organizational management of the company.

Artificial Intelligence for Document Automation is a platform that uses Machine Learning techniques to learn to recognize and identify documents, also unstructured, and extract the useful data to the workfow in a completely autonomous way.

Artificial Intelligence for Document Automation integrates the following functions into a single portal:

  • Learning: the learning process is transparent: the intervention of specialized personnel is not required, the normal operation of the user is sufficient.
  • Data acquisition functions: automatic module recognition, page registration, OCR, ICR, OMR, barcode recognition, image cleaning for zones, validation and scripting capabilities for searches.
  • Customization features: Artificial Intelligence for Document Automation can be customized to meet the needs of high-volume sites.

For more info visit the website: Tecnology & Cognition Lab/AIDA