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The Xhecom view is intended to be attentive and opened to international standards, both organizational and technologic, and their continuous evolution, so that the customer is able to catch the response opportunity basing on any ROI computation result.
This way, the Xhecom view is meant to be attentive to the organizations and to fit its response to the operating context who made the question.

The Xhecom s.r.l. is focused on PMI organizations, because the continuous research and update, following the standards, allow the stratification of knowledges and, consequentially, the ability to provide a technological, organizational and economic solution to any organization, even the smallest or the most special ones.

…On the organizational standards of unstructured contents focusing Facility Management Records, Financial Regulatory Records, Sales and Marketing, Customer Communications, Information Technologies, Rich Media (Images, Audio, Video), Operational Records and Filings, Operations, E-mail, IM, Blogs, Wikis ecc.

Every organization matches against the symbolic/cultural dimension represented by the variety of expressions coming from the interaction between the managers, besides the technical/rational dimension of workflows.

To manage and monitor the unstructured contents means to share this view and, then, provide your company with an immediate, fluent and continuous processes improvement that enable to reach your goals.

…On the technologic standards of OS platforms focusing Windows, Sun Microsystems and Linux:
The Java language enables the platform independence. This means the execution of Java programs is the same on any hardware.
This is achieved through the compilation of Java code into an intermediate bytecode language, based on simplyfied instructions similar to the machine code.
Then it runs on a virtual machine, that is an interpreter, which makes Java an interpreted programming language. Java, moreover, provides standardized libraries to allow the access to the machine features (like graphics and networking) in a standardized way.
The Java language also includes the multithread support, needed by many applications on the web. When a company makes decisions on its information structure, it should consider these features for a good and gradual future development.