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Xerox Docushare & DocuShare Flex

The Xerox Docushare product family is built on a single Web-based platform, the DocuShare Enterprise Content Platform, awarded for its usage simplicity, for it’s high technology and for it’s low costs of managing and maintenance.

Xerox DocuShare Enterprise Content Manager, differently from DocuShare 7, gives any sized company a fast implementation of an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system, aimed to increase their operating efficiency with a safer documents and contents management. This way, the organizations, starting from small work groups to entire companies, can catch, manage, publish, share and control contents and informations throughout their life cycle.
The DocuShare ECM modules can extend the basic version, enriching it with sofisticated content management features like image scanning and workflow and record management. The scalability allows the organizations (both small ones and the big ones) to acquire the basic solution of enterprise content management and extend it afterwards, if wanted.

Xerox DocuShare CPX Enterprise Content and Process Manager provides the companies with a strong automation of organizational processes, basing on tools working on specific business transactional processes.
The automation is reached through a massive and immediate integration with the most popular applications like Microsoft Office, through the easy definition and configuration of content flows in already existing business processes, through the creation of leading roles involved when some specific situations happen and, lastly, through the content transfer to external applications or business processes.


It’s Simple – Docushare has unique features in the survey of ECM products in terms of utilization easiness and implementation speed. It’s easy to implement, to use and to manage.

It’s Cheap – Docushare guarantees a fast return on investment (ROI) shortening times, costs and implementation complexity. It is possible to buy only the modules necessary to your business. You don’t pay for what you don’t need.

It’s Powerful – DocuShare is multi-platform, cross-browser and provided with a rich functions library. It’s build on a multilevel Java architecture (multi-tier) which makes it easily customizable.

It’s Flexible – DocuShare provides the best flexibility in terms of distribution and implementation to satisfy the need of content managing. It allows a total customization of the user interface and perfectly integrates with Xerox multifunction devices. It supports all the main standards for a fast integration with other solutions.

It’s Scalable – DocuShare provides a basic ECM platform that provides powerful modules add-on which extend its functionality scaling the solution until it’s able to manage thousands of users and millions of documents.

It’s Safe – DocuShare offers security levels and multiple permission controls up to the single document, with it’s versions. It supports the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption.