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Hylafax is a fax server working on a Linux OS machine. By setting up Hyalafax in your network, you can send/receive faxes using your PC, without buying any specific commercial fax device. The fax server will take care of your outgoing documents, trying to send them for a defined number of times (in case first attempts fail).

Hylafax, if you want, will also take care of the incoming faxes, answering the call from the remote fax, receiving datas and creating a file (in a format selectable from many standards) that will be readable by the users of the network.

You can send any document produced by any software provided with printing functionality and by any sotware able to create PostScript or text files.
Many different configurations that allow you, for instance, to receive the answer to the fax by e-mail, with the .tif image of the fax attached, if needed, are available.
You can use more than one telephone line, specifying which ones commit to send and which others to receive.

Thanks to its opens source software features and its capability to send PostScript files, Hylafax is suitable for any kind of application development (for instance, sending a huge amount of faxes whose informations are stored in databases).